Every family in the Cedar Valley deserves a clean, healthy home, which is why Fereday Heating and Cooling offers air cleaner installation, service, and repair. Keep your family safe from harmful bacteria, viruses and mold. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma, our air cleaning and purifying systems will remove harmful toxins and leave you with fresh indoor air. Our air cleaning systems are installed by elite technicians that understand the importance of keeping dust and dirt out of your heating and cooling units.

For over two generations, our HVAC company has been proudly serving the Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA area. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation concerning how an air cleaner can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs while dramatically improving your home or commercial space’s air quality. 


  • Kills Bacteria and Viruses
  • Controls Allergens
  • Kills Pathogens
  • Prevents “Dirty Sock” Syndrome
  • Reduces Static Electricity
  • Removes Pet Odors
  • Removes Cooking Odors
  • Kills Airborne Mold
  • Reduces Smoke


  • Self-Cleaning System
  • No Maintenance
  • No Replacement Parts
  • Produces NO Harmful Byproducts


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